“Online gambling? Are you crazy?”

When I first heard about the idea of betting and gambling on the Internet, I reacted like on the title. Questions arose in my head: What do you know online games are honest? How do I know if they’ll pay my money if I win? Can’t Online Casinos be a scam? 

I had no problem using my credit card on the internet, I knew it was safe! because I was able to do many purchases online for years. But of course, I had doubts about online casino sites. I think everyone is too. Therefore, I would like to share with you my gambling experiences and how I chose an online casino.

The problem is gambling itself, not that it’s online!

It’s hard to believe without trying. There are online casino sites that run bigger and more serious than real casinos. Currently, I have played on over 50 online betting and gambling sites so far as I wrote this post. Some have won, some lost. Some have won, some lost. After all, I don’t have much of either plus or minus. But this is entirely due to gambling itself as in real casinos, it is no different from the fact of playing online. There is no deficiency, there is more. There are no cons, there are pros. If you do not have such a tendency or curiosity, I would not recommend gambling. But if your willpower is strong, if you can say “I get up when I win”, you can win big prizes on online casino sites.

Online Gambling
Online Gambling

Calculate the money you gamble!

When I play at a casino, I calculate the total money I played. It’s not the money I won or lost, only the total money I played. There are several reasons why I do this. The most important reason is that when you receive a bonus from an online casino, you can’t withdraw it without playing it several times.

For example, you received a 250 $ bonus, let’s say you have to play 5 times according to the rules of the casino to withdraw this free money. So you have to play 250×5 = 1250 dollars. Although the number may seem high at first glance, it is not at all. Because by playing roulette or blackjack hands of $ 1-2 with the $ 250 you get, you are already playing thousands of dollars in a few hours without realizing it. Thus, you can withdraw your money with the bonus you receive. That’s why I calculate money as I play. Once I fill out the bonus rules, I can withdraw my money without too much ado.

So Are Online Casino Games Honest?

As you take note of the money you play, you will see for yourself that the games are really honest.  Always play on major and licensed gambling sites. You will see that there are many ups and downs in games where you win and lose. Online casino sites pay much more bonuses than local casinos. This is because it has no expenses. fewer employees, no treats, etc… There are only one computer program and a computer engineer who keeps it running properly. These programs are licensed and always under control. Having a computer instead of a person has many advantages for you in online casinos. Because the computer program only generates random numbers. Computer games can’t make mistakes or cheat. Moreover, They are strictly controlled by governments since they are state-licensed. The most important point of big betting casino sites is honesty.

Can’t Online Gambling Sites Cheat?

Can’t cheat be done with these computer programs? Of course, it can be done if desired. It is very easy to do. But they never do. Because none of the big casinos want to miss their players. I was skeptical at some casinos and withdrawn my money and never visited those sites again. Big online live casinos are absolutely honest about this. That’s why I always recommend big-known casinos to you. World-famous software companies make programs like a stone. They make programs that are impossible to cheat, and they are licensed by various governments and private organizations. You see it as you play already.

Besides, third companies such as the world-famous independent company PriceWaterHouse / Coopers audit many online casinos and publish their reports on their sites every month. 

Anyway, they know that no online casino that cheats can survive even a month. Gambling is already a disease for many people without willpower. There is no need for them to cheat! 

Strong-willed players earn money lost by players with no will. No cheating is seen on licensed online gambling sites. I doubted one or two times and immediately walked away from those sites. I have doubted a total of two times on the 50 sites I have played, and I have not lost even on those sites. This was just a doubt!

You play a lot without realizing it!

I was shocked when I made a calculation and saw that I had played close to $ 200,000 total so far. Because the amount of money I have deposited in casinos so far is around $ 8500-9000 as far as I have recorded, while the amount I have earned is just over 9,000. A little bit of my luck went well, but judging by the money earned by playing $ 200,000, it’s nothing. Like when losing, in the long run, you are 0.5 percent minus or 0.5 percent plus. So there is nothing big gained or lost.

Of course, if big bonuses come out during this time, your life can change in an instant. The bonus percentage of online casinos is more than 98 percent. So they make less than 2 percent profit. But since I generally like games such as roulette and blackjack in table games, my gains and losses are very little. If you want to win a big jackpot I can recommend Progressive Slots

So how do we choose a good online casino?

I have read that there are over 5000 online casinos on the Internet. Although I have never guessed that much, you come across so many sites as you search. And of course, they’re all full of promises, they were honest, such quick payouts, bla bla …

No such thing! We are not idiots.

Quality betting and casino sites are evident all over the world. My criteria are very simple: If a casino has become famous, it is famous for having a lot of players. If they have many players; There are honest and fast payment systems. 

We need to look at the number of players and the years the companies were founded. If it has been standing for years, we can trust it with peace of mind. Because everything crashes fast on the internet. Only the good and strong can go on.

Online Gambling
How to Choose an Online Casino?

One of the important points is the software used by the online casino site.

There are major major software companies used for online games. There are also many small companies. I always prefer casinos that use the software of the largest 5-6 (Play’N GO, Pragmatic Play, iSoftBet, Net Entertainment, Bgaming- SoftSwiss, Playtech, and Evolution Gaming ) companies. You can trust them comfortably. 

My favorite casino games are software companies. For years, many people in the world have been playing the games developed by these software companies and someone is constantly winning big bonuses.

For example; A young casino player won exactly 11.7 MILLION EURO from the Mega Fortune Game two months ago and made his dreams come true.

It has a very easy-to-use, gamer-minded system and it is very easy to get anything you want. Its graphics are very popular because this software company even designs 3D slots. If you want to try 3D games, you can visit Betsson review. You can find both casino games and sports bets at Betsson. Their interfaces are very easy and stylish. All money transactions are handled at bank standards and have a great level of security. 

The other online casinos that use the games of the software companies I mentioned are Bitstarz and Bao Casino. You can also deposit or withdraw money with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at these online casinos.

Good Luck

Ricky A Starling

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