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It is important to know the rules to play roulette. The casino game roulette is becoming an increasingly popular game. Roulette games have numbers between 0 and 36. Those who want to win real money can play Live roulette or Auto roulette at online casino and betting sites.  First of all, choose sites that offer plenty of bonuses for the roulette game. It gives you the chance to play with the roulette bonus money, not your own money.

What are Roulette Types

There are multiple types of roulette for roulette lovers. It is good to know these roulette types for how to play roulette best. Roulette Types are as follows;

  • European Roulette
  • American Roulette
  • French Roulette
  • Roulette Royal
  • California Roulette

How to Play Roulette?

A croupier is found to play roulette. The croupier informs about the open and closed bets. Bets are determined within a certain time. Bets are closed after the time is over.

The croupier can throw the roulette ball quickly and slowly. The ball rotates for a while after being thrown. After it finishes spinning, it stops on one of the numbers between 0 and 36. If the ball lands above the player’s bet number, it wins 36 times the amount.

Roulette Betting

There is no single betting option in roulette. Apart from betting on a single number, it is also played as odd, even, red and black, 1 to 18, or 19 to 36. This style increases your chances of playing. Gains twice as much as the bet made.

The high-win bet types are as follows:

Straight up: A bet is placed on a number on the wheel. A profit of 36 times the bet placed.

Split: It is played considering two numbers. Bets are placed on any two numbers on the wheel. If the ball stops on one of these two numbers, it will win 17 times the bet placed.

Street: In this type of bet, three numbers are bet. If the ball stops on one of these three numbers, it will win 11 times the bet.

Corner: The bet is made on four numbers. If the ball is on one of the four determined numbers, 8 times the gain is obtained.

Line: In the line bet type, the player determines six numbers. If the ball stops on one of the six numbers, a profit of 5 times the bet placed is gained.

Low Numbers / High Numbers: Bets are placed on numbers from 1 to 18 and 19 to 36 from the roulette table. If the ball reaches the selected number range, it gains twice the bet.

Red and Black: In this type of bet, color is played. Bets are placed on red and black. If it comes to the color played, 2 times the gain is provided.

Even and Odd: It is played for odd and even numbers on the table. If the ball hits the played color, it gains twice as much

Column: Bets are placed on one of the first 12 numbers, the second 12 numbers, and the third 12 numbers on the table. In this case, if the ball comes to the bet range, it will gain twice as much.

Roulette Betting Types

Roulette Betting Types

Roulette Tactics & Tips

As with any game, you can increase your chances of winning with a few tactics at roulette. Of course, these are mathematical factors. You will definitely need luck.

  • Making choices based on previous hand situations does not make any sense.
  • Bets on a single number result in high returns.
  • Color bets rather than number bets increase the odds of winning.
  • You can see what different bets can bring out by playing several different hands.
  • Multiple numbered bets can be created for both high odds and an increase in win rate.

Good Luck

Ricky A Starling

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