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Blackjack was previously known only for playing in casinos. Now you can play blackjack even in your home or office. Because it is very easy to play, you can join the Blackjack tables immediately on the internet. But Blackjack is a little different from other casino games. You cannot influence the result in casino games other than blackjack. Playing blackjack with a simple strategy mathematically increases your chances of winning. So the only smart simple game you can play in the casino is Blackjack in my opinion.


Blackjack is played against the croupier/casino site. Whether you play alone at the table, or other players from around the world can sit at the same table. Other players have nothing to do with you. Everyone plays their game against the croupier/casino.


Our goal in blackjack is to make the right moves and catch 21 in total or reach the closest number to 21 with the cards in your hand. Don’t go above 21 in total!


All King, Queen, and Jack cards are worth 10 in the game. An (Ace) is worth 1 or 11 depending on your usage and advantage. All other cards are worth their own.


The game would proceed as follows:

  • Two cards are dealt to each player and the croupier. The players cards are in the open position while the croupier’s first card is closed.
  • If you have a total of 21 points, you win the game. This is called “Blackjack”.

If nobody has a 21;

  • The player sees only one card of the croupier. You have to act according to the options.

Your options are as follows;

  • HIT – The player draws another card in addition to the cards in her/his hand. Try to get closer to 21 this way. If you want, you can press Hit again to request as many cards as you want. (But if it passes 21, it loses automatically)
  • STAND –  If you accept your cards as they are or if you don’t want more cards anymore, click Stand. So you give the croupier or other player the turn to move. (There are some movements that the dealer must do. You will find these below. Stand option is therefore sometimes the right move)
  • DOUBLE – You can only draw one more card and the amount you put into the game is doubled. In some cases, it is a great option as a risk-to-profit ratio.

You should read further to find out When should you double in blackjack?

  • SPLIT  – The player divides the cards into two separate hands and plays with two separate hands. You put the same amount in the second hand as well. For example, let’s say you have two Aces. These add up to 2. In such a situation, the most sensible move to do in Split. Split these two Aces in your hand and split them into two, making them two separate hands with an Ace in each. When the aces are two separate hands, you will have 2 21s in your hand, depending on the card that comes with them. Or at least nice combinations may occur.

Mandatory conditions of the croupier

If the croupier has a total number of 17 or more, the croupier must STAND. If the croupier has a 16 or a lower number croupier has to do HIT, that is, draw the card. These two mandatory rules often give us great tactical advantages in online casino sites.

 What is Insurance in Blackjack?

if The first card opened by the dealer in Blackjack is an Ace, there is a possibility of Blackjack (21), so the players will be offered insurance. You can decide whether to accept the offer or not, depending on the cards you have.

You accept the insurance offered in Blackjack, you have to make an insurance bet half the amount of your first bet. If the dealer does Blackjack (reaches a value of 21), the player who accepts the insurance offer will be paid the same amount she paid for insurance. If the dealer fails to do Blackjack, the game continues in its normal course but the insured amount is lost.


The most important thing to watch out for is don’t be blindly tied to a single blackjack game and casino. Online gambling sites have very high free blackjack bonuses. You can gain an advantage by collecting them and playing as a separate member for each.

But the casino gives you free bonuses added to your money for gaming. You cannot withdraw these coins without gaming.


Your chances will be lower if you deviate from the strategy. Playing with strategy increases your chances very much. If you do not know how to get out on time, you will lose again.

The important thing is to play rationally and to quit the game when the time comes. This is very difficult because nobody wants to quit while winning.

In some casinos, you can go to the other side of the table and play as a dealer, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Because it is not advantageous to be a dealer in Blackjack.

You can now sit down for a free trial or a real blackjack table. It may be good to do a few tries.


Good Luck

Ricky A Starling

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